psychosexual therapy

Most of us experience sexual problems at some point in our lives. It may be a problem you have had for a long time and tried to ignore or worried about secretly; or, it might have developed after a previously good sex life. If the problem has been with you for over six months and there is no sign of improvement, then psychosexual therapy could be the help you need.

Some sexual problems are physical in nature, either through disability, illness or the side effects of medication. Sexual problems can also be psychological, often the result of a sexual trauma or negative childhood messages regarding sex. Indeed there are many ways problems can arise in our sex lives.

The majority of sexual problems, however, combine both physical and psychological elements. They might be rooted in relationship difficulties or have contributed to the relationship breaking down. Whatever the case, these problems cause distress not just to the individual but also to partners.

Sexual problems include erectile difficulties, arousal disorders, sexual phobias, loss or lack of desire, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm or difficulty achieving orgasm, pain, dyspareunia, vaginismus and gender dysmorphia. Sex therapy helps manage these problems enabling clients to move on from them through an individually tailored treatment plan. The work is strictly confidential and I provide a safe space for the delicate issues to be discussed. Clients can be referred from their general practitioner, consultant, or appointments can be made by contacting me directly either through the website or by text or telephone to 0776 1532 911.

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We feel we have come a long way. The experience has been worthwhile for both of us. Sex is now great!— Anonymous