For over twenty-five years I have been helping military personnel and their families manage the negative impact of conflict and combat trauma on their emotional well-being. Combat Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (CR-PTSD), for example, potentially affects up to a quarter of active military members.

CR-PTSD is often a silent disease as the stigma of being seen as weak for seeking out help stops many sufferers from accessing professional support. Veterans especially struggle with CR-PTSD as they frequently relive the original traumas but now do so in isolation, which may increase the sense of despair and lack of hope.

I approach the treatment of CR-PTSD from a ‘biopsychosocial’ focus which is collaborative and builds on the patient’s own strengths to best manage and alleviate distressing symptoms.

A great weight has been lifted from me. I nearly lost my job and my relationship. It isn't easy but I have overcome the toughest hurdle and I look at life in a new way now.— Anonymous